Tuesday, December 27, 2011

2011 in Review

This has not been a good year. Climate change is accelerating around the globe, and action to slow the rate of change is relatively miniscule in the United States. What can be more important that addressing rising global temperatures and catastrophic change?
Why politics, of course. President Obama MUST be a one-term president, in the Republican Party's view, and all else is secondary to that objective.
For others, addressing the faltering U.S. and global economy is an issue of more importance than fighting climate change. Any attempt to show that the two efforts are compatible is thwarted by politics and the Republican Party. We are appear to be caught in an endless loop that is only dragging us down.
I personally am discouraged to the point of not wanting to write about the issue any longer. I just do what I can as a caring citizen of the Earth. I drive as little as possible, and at an optimum speed for fuel efficiency when I do. I try to live sustainably, re-using, recycling, and up-cycling as often as I can. It's a meditative sort of life that I use to attempt to come to peace with the direction the human race is heading.